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Tondeur: Vectors and Transformations in Plane Geometry, $30.00

Spivak: Calculus, 4th edition, $110.00,
Combined Answer Book for Calculus 3rd and 4th editions, $50.00,

Spivak: A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, 3rd edition,

Vol 1, $60.00  /  Vol 2, $50.00 /  Vol 3, $50.00 /  Vol 4, $55.00 /  Vol 5 , $60.00

Spivak: Physics for Mathematicians: Mechanics I,  $90.00,

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For errata (2/14/2018) for Calculus, 4th ed, download  DLC
Sorry, no errata available for 3rd edition, but for Suggested Reading of 4th ed, download DLS
For errata (11/8/2014)  for Differential Geometry, Vol 1 download DLG
For Preface to Mechanics, download DLP
For errata (11/21/2015)  for Mechanics,  download DLM
(I was informed that a much easier proof than the one on page 629  appears
in some book of mine, but I’ve lost all details, and would be very grateful if some one can help!)