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 Spivak, Physics for Mathematicians.  Mechanics I  $90.00  32-2  [5]                                                                                                                                     

Spivak, Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry  Five volumes. Click on title for information on individual volumes.

Spivak, Calculus (4th ed)  $85.00  91-8 [5]   This new edition adds only a small amount of material and some problems;  it does not contain a significant amount of new material, and will probably not be of interest to those who already have the 3rd edition 

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The 3rd edition is OUT OF PRINT.

Spivak, Combined Answer Book for Calculus Third and Fourth Editions   $50.00 92-6 [2]  Answer book for the fourth edition, with a Supplement for use with the third edition.   

Bassein, An Infinite Series Approach to Calculus $45.00 27-6 [2]

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Goldberg & Phillips (eds), Topological Methods in Modern Math. $40.00 26-8 [4]

Tondeur, Vectors and Transformations in Plane Geometry  $30.00 28-4  [2]

Uhlenbeck (ed), Global Analysis in Modern Math.  $30.00 29-2 [2]