Global Analysis in Modern Mathematics
A Symposium in Honor of Richard Palais' Sixtieth Birthday

Uhlenbeck, ed.   xxx + 324 pages.   Clothbound.

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Preface; Two portraits; In Appreciation; Publications of Richard Palais; Graduate Students of Richard Palais

A gluing law for the index of Dirac operators. Daniel S. Freed
Conformal, parabolic and spectral properties of complete Riemannian metrics on non-compact manifolds. Robert Lockhart
Equivariant Sobolev theorems and Yang-Mills-Higgs fields. Thomas H. Parker
Lipschitz stratification. Adam Parusinski
Decay estimates for Yang-Mills fields; two new proofs. Johan Råde

Split trivial bundles over homogeneous spaces and locally symmetric spaces. Lance D. Drager and Robert L. Foote
The genus one helicoid and the minimal surfaces that led to its discovery. Hermann Karcher, Fusheng Wei and David Hoffman
The mean curvature of gauge orbits. Yoshiaki Maeda, Steven Rosenberg and Philippe Tondeur

Characteristic classes as a geometric object. Shiing-shen Chern
Automorphisms of compact affine varieties. Morris W. Hirsch
A new Cayley-Hamilton theorem. Stephen Kennedy, Matthew Stafford and R. F. Williams
Submanifolds in path space. C. King and C.-L. Terng
Homotopy, concordance and bordism of link maps. Ulrich Koschorke
Nonsingular group actions. Arthur G. Wasserman

Et Alia
How to write a proof. Leslie Lamport